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Aucticus 1.3

Aucticus 1.3

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Aucticus Publisher's Description

Auction Fee Calculator

Aucticus™, the auction fee calculator by Charleston Software Associates will help you get a handle on your eBay, Overstock, and Yahoo listing fees.

Why Aucticus™?
Aucticus™ provides a simple interface that allows you to quickly and easily view your true profits from eBay, Overstock, and Yahoo listings. 

Knowing how small changes in your listing strategy can affect your net profits on your preferred auction listing site can make a big difference in your net profits.  Even just a penny difference in your starting price can effect the fees you pay for listing an item.   What about hidden costs like packaging and shipping insurance, how does that affect your bottom line?  Aucticus™ will help you answer these questions.

What can Aucticus™ do...

Version 1.3
Released: December 2005

What's New

  • Enhanced Rate schedule: you can now edit the eBay auction and store closing fee rates.
    • eBay store closing fees now editable
    • eBay auction closing fees now editable
  • Quick eBay Auction / Store Swap: new checkbox on main screen allows for a quick switch from the 30 day store fee schedule to the standard auction fee schedule.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Save/Restore Calculations -
      Some users reported Aucticus was crashing after having used the save calculations feature. This has been fixed in the latest release.

Standard Features

  • Updated eBay Buy It Now Fees : Includes editable rate schedule with multiple tiers.
  • Updated eBay Gallery Fees : Gallery option fee can now be set manually. No more outdated gallery fees.
  • Multiple Item Listings: Enter the number of items in a lot and the number of items sold in that lot.  The listing and closing fees update automatically making it easier than ever to figure out fees when 2 out of a batch of 3 items sells.
  • Ghost Mode : One click and the calculator becomes transparent. Click again for normal mode. Calculator if fully functional in ghost mode and you can set the transparency level to meet your needs!
  • Yahoo Calculator: Yahoo calculations have now been added.  Includes complete functionality for Break Even, Rate Schedule and Save/Restore Calculations.
  • Fee Assist: Automatically flags listing fees that can be recovered by simply adjusting the starting price.  Instantly increases net profits by using the suggested change!
  • Options Enhanced: Selecting eBay, Overstock, or Yahoo tab shows which options are available at each venue.
  • License Drag & Drop: License installation is now easier, just drag the new license file onto the license box.  A new license flag appears next to the email and product ID entry fields on the settings tab to show that a valid license file is installed.
  • Save Calculation: Enter a title for the item and click "Record" to store the calculation results to an industry standard CSV file.  CSV files can be read by many programs including spreadsheets like Excel or database programs like Access.
  • Restore Calculation: Calculations saved to the CSV file can be recalled using the pulldown entry on the Fees form.
  • Changeable Rate Schedules: Has eBay's rate schedule changed? Are they running a one-day only insertion sale?  Easily change the insertion fee schedule through the editable rate schedule.
  • On Screen Help: Quick popup help is provided whenever the cursor changes to the arrow and question mark.
  • Sound Cues: Sound cues play when performing certain actions such as recording a calculation or calculating break even info.  Sounds can be disabled from the settings tab.
  • Break even calculations -  Just enter your expenses including item cost, shipping cost, and packing materials. Aucticus™ will calculate the minimum starting price to break even.

  • eBay Store Fee Calculations - Simply select the 30/60/90 day store listing checkbox on the options page, and the insertion fee calculations adjust accordingly.

  • Calculates true net profit or loss on a listing after taking into account all expenses, listing fees, completion fees, and payment fees.

  • Calculates as you type - instant updates show your changes as you go.

  • Shows total income - Works with the total sale price of an auction including the selling price, shipping fee collected, and insurance fees collected.

  • Calculate total expenses - Works with the all associated costs of processing an auction sale including the original cost of the product, actual shipping fees paid, and the cost for packing materials.

  • Adjusts for reserve auction fees based on the final selling price of an item.   Reserve fees are eliminated from listing fee expenses when the final selling prices matches or exceeds the reserve price.

  • PayPal and Credit Card Fees - Allows for adjustment on payment collection fees based on your own variable merchant rate.  Rate can be adjusted quickly via program settings to accommodate most common fee structures.

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